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Thursday, September 08, 2005

What would You have done?

Today in my class, we were talking about “what would you have done if…. Structure. The students are from different backgrounds: high school student, housewife, university student and you name it. Here is the conversation I had with one of these girls:
The teacher: what would you have done if you had a magic lamp? What was your number one wish?
The student (pause for moments) I wouldn’t have done anything. I just wished my son not to be an “attack”.
The teacher: You mean addict?
The student: OH, yes.and I want to have my own big private company.
The teacher: what about your poor husband? Does he have any share in your wish?
The student: smiles openly and while giggling says: No he isn’t that important and laughs with two of her classmates.
The teacher: What if your husband leaves you to go to the US or Canada? Wouldnt you get upset about it?
The student: No (smiling) as long as he sends me money, that no problem.
The teacher: And if he remarries there???
The student: Marry? Noooooo, Ok.no problem. he can get a second wife but he can keep her for himself but all the money is mine.(Taghsim e arazi).I am only worried about the future of my son.(when he grows up )Its up to him to marry any girl he likes to. Only he doesn’t become an addict.


Anonymous Farzad "Cat" said...

Hey Frank, it seems like addiction is a big issue in Iran nowadays. Including $ of course. Nice new blog. Cheers :)

8:29 PM  
Blogger Mohammad Barkeshli said...

hey frank (although im wondering if thats ur real name)
i enjoyed the post. often the insights reveal much more than some wordy explanations and anaysis. the post truly demostrated how an average housewife in iran thinks.
nice blog. keep it up dude.

2:06 PM  
Blogger Nyx said...

is this really "how an average housewife in iran" thinks, as mohammad puts it, I wonder...
If it is, it's horrible. I know that drugs are a major problem in iran, and maybe the root to this lies in the "lack of love" portrayed here... I sure hope this is not the average way of thinking.

3:53 AM  

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