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Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Nowadays, the only thing that grows is iron&metal!

Inspired by"HD Suisse Channel"

Thursday, October 14, 2010


We all live in a two floor apartment. She owns the apartment above us. She is a very religious widower and all the neighbors talk about how religious she is. This Year, God invited her to His Holy place in Mecca. She also was invited by Imam Reza to His Holy Shrine several times this year.

The only thing she does and thinks won’t hurt anyone’s feelings is the inappropriate way of treating the guy who lives downstairs!

Oh,God:"Religion sucks!"

Saturday, September 18, 2010

With all the appreciation I have for this world,

Most of the time I feel like:

"Fuck this world!"

Friday, August 17, 2007

Prophets& Directors

“No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.” Ingmar Bergman

Prophets and movie makers sure have a lot to share with us which make them each other’s alter ego so to speak!
First, prophets have their holy books; The movie makers have their movies as their books.
Second, a prophet’s miracle differs from another ranging from making the dead alive or opening the Nile River by a stick; the movie maker has his first and only movie as his masterpiece.
Third: While reading a holy book, one has to go through some traditions like washing hands and face and to be in a quiet place preferably, a dark room to absorb things he reads; while watching a movie you have to sit in a quiet, dark, place to suck up every thing!

There is one difference between these two:
One can find a FEMALE movie maker but not a female PROPHET! I haven’t heard of any, do you?;)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Odyssey 2007& Kismet

Who would have thunk it? Finally, I bought my "dream" house but, at a PRICE. I have grown up a little more. I have learnt a lot. I have seen a lot. Now, I can say that" I have been there!" I saw lots of different people with lots of bizarre behaviors.
The prices have been sky rocketed because of Mr.Asshole's economic policies. If he ever wants to run for a second term I might vote his opponent, regardless of who he might be however, as I often see the dark side of the things, things won't be very different then too.
From now on, I believe in Kismet. Not the kind of Kismet which says everything has prewritten and you are doomed to do that but, the new kind that says" Start walking and you will get to the destination too" if you get what I mean.
The story goes like this:
I was hesitant between two choices.I had been in contact with a guy (Mr A)who wanted to sell his house but he seemed hesitant in selling his house as it was really risky to sell one's house and then start buying a new one just because of the unstable economy that changes every other day. People just don't risk. It may sound crazy to you all but; me sold my house first and asked the buyer to give me 2 months and then started looking for a house! I have learnt my lesson now:" Buy a house first then, sell your house." That guy resigned selling his house to me and apologized doing so. He had promised to sell his house to me but refused to do so after one week.
Those moments were one of my worst moments of life.

There was another house which we wanted to buy but didn't know what to do because of the promise of that mentioned guy. Everything seemed fine till we went to the realtor and asked him to talk Mr.B into selling his house to us. We put some money to make him sure about our decision. The realtor called me in the following morning and said that Mr.B is supposed to go to another real estate agency and has made an appointment at 7 with someone. It is usual to advertise your house in different places.
"Holy cow! I am shit out of luck, there are people who if fall in a bucket of shit come up smelling the roses but what about poor me?
These thoughts rushed into my head as he was saying those disappointing words. What should have I done? Just imagine the number of agencies we have been to; more than 60 ones! I swear to God that I mean it! Imagine the number of cells martyred on the process of buying it.
I had given a hard time to my wife because of my stressful condition. We had had a couple of quarrels and didn't know what to do! My dad had supported me enough by helping me buying this house so what other expectations should have I had?"

I hung up and went deep down in my thoughts. To get rid of this world, I put on my headphone and started watching" Finding Nemo" which is one of the best cartoons of all times. One reason is that the whole story is presented underwater and I love water, river, sea, oceans.I felt a little better but, the PROBLEM was there staring at us.
It was six PM and I thought to go to the real estate agency and get my money back. The house was going to be sold at 7PM in another real estate agncy.We went there but Mr. realtor wasn't there. We waited there for about two hours and he finally showed up. Mr. Realtor who seemed like a nice guy called Mr.B's house. No Mr.B at home so, he called his cell phone and after a short while Mr.B was there. Surprise? Ha?
We signed an agreement and I bought his house. Now listen to Mr.B's story:
"I went to the other real estate agency and made an agreement higher that YOUR price but, the old man who wanted to buy my house started a quarrel with his son- in- low who disagreed with him buying that house. They started talking loudly in the agency when I told them that I would be there AFTER your quarrel is over." He showed up in the agency where III was. Period!
I call it a miracle; what do YOU call it?

Thank you for your Prayes:)

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