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Friday, February 23, 2007

Nuclear Energy Music

Some unknown artist(s) are paid (I suppose) to sing nuclear energy song(s).Rap and these sorts of music are banned on an Islamic Republic TV so, it attracts a lot of youth. If you know Farsi and a fan of music, especially Nuclear Energy Music fan, Click here Nuclear Energy and select number 3(Nuclear Energy)

If you don't know Persian I translate some parts for you to get the message:

Nuclear energy is our definite right,
We are brave, honorable people that defend our land Iran,
Iran, you mean everything to me,
What's wrong with you America?
Come to our land if you dare,
We will give you a good lesson you never forget,
You are some bunch of Cowboys,
Lets (every Iranian) get rid of the Devil,
We don't care what happens to us tomorrow...

Instead of developing a mutual diplomacy between two nations [I wouldn't know how. I am not a Politician] these sorts of music provoke the Iranian youth to go to war with the US.

At the same time you hear that there (in the US) clips are made to show how "dangerous" Iran is to America and the whole world. And If Iran isn’t stopped from developing nuclear energy we (American citizens) are doomed to die tragically by an Iranian bomb.

Let's think positive and hope for the better!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Autonomous Decision

Part 1:

What's the worst thing about one's manhood?

THE fucking responsibility!

What's the best thing about one's childhood?

THE good old irresponsibility!

The commonality?
It's in the cost of the toys you get throughout your life :)

Part 2:

I changed one of class rules which said "In case you aren't allowed to go to the restroom by the teacher, you can't leave the classroom."
The new rule says:
"You are allowed to leave the classroom with no permission from the teacher as long as you don't tale advantage of teacher's "kindness".

The reason I changed the rule was on the one hand, to give more autonomy to my students so they feel more at ease in my class and on the other hand to behave better!

I have to wait and see how much it works!
As the new rule was mentioned I saw one of them leaving the class as he was smiling!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Teacher’s Strike

WE Iran’s huge community of teachers are on a 2 day strike once again to protest officials indifference towards our most basic and urgent demand that is the postponed! which is the adjustment of our status with other government employees.

"Not only the government has not paid any attention to our years-long complaints , they have turned us into one of the poorest social classes in a so called "Islamic Republic" with less than 300 US Dollars a month,we receive one of the lowest wages among the State’s employees"

We stayed in the teachers launge and refused to attend the classes.When asked why someone who has the leaset education(A Diploma) in the Minstry of Petrolium get five times more than some one who has an M.A. they come up with the reason that "them wok" is tied with the oil pipelines while ours isnt.

Once again we will give them a shock so, they forget the yellow cake and start thinking about us!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Life Pulse

Sometimes the only thing that reminds me of my being alive is the vibrator of my cellphone.
Take my advice:
Turn it on!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Speed,Sex &Religion

I asked Babak to hand over his cellular phone to me as he was playing with his phone in the middle of my teaching.

I became aware of three things:
1. A Lamborghini car video in Tehran streets.
2. A semi porno video clip.
3. A religious one related to Moharam.

Speed, sex, and religion are spread all over today's youth!

The teacher's snoopiness ;)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

No Comment

I have to say that my previous post (the photo) was taken with my cell phone in my class when I entered the class before the students so, it's not something fake or something that I "grabbed" from the net.

I read somewhere on the net that a mother in France was punished 1500_2000 $ because she had talked improperly with her son's teacher at school and it was because of the son lateness to school.
Yesterday Ali's cousin had given a punch to one of the teachers in our school because the "guilty" teacher had punished the student corporally.Ali had talked to his cousin about this and his cousin had gotten furious and had a fight with the teacher at school. They were supposed to go to the court but things were settled down with a kiss, some candies and the apology of Ali's cousin in front of the students.

In the last minutes before the class ends and while the students were writing things in their notebooks quietly, Hamid (the Devil) who is one of my "best" students came to me and gave me a strange pen and asked if I could give him an autograph. I had sort of a painful experience with one of these electric pens when I had taken a pen like that from one of my colleagues and tried to push the tip to start writing. There, I suddenly had thrown away the pen with a scream and every one laughed at the scene and that was no big deal as they all were my coworkers. Now, the devil wanted to do the same prank joke on his TEACHER.I took the pen and all of a sudden, took his left hand by force and pushed the tip of the pen on the back of his left hand.Hamid started screaming while others were laughing out loud. His prank backfired. Now I think my previous painful wasn't that bad after all. I showed them all that I have been there.

I was in one of those taxies on the back where there was a girl next to me whose cellular phone was on nonstop. I am not that big (6.5 foot, 200 pounds) and I tried hard to sit decently and the girl next to me tried to avoid being "touched". It was one of those turns in the street when she turned to me and said" go over there a little more." I told her that I can't move and what the hell you were talking about..."
He called me an Afghani and I got angry and told him that Afghani was herself and her whole family. I didn’t want to use the word Afghani but couldn’t help to.We Iranians are a bit racist as you might know but who isn’t?