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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Autonomous Decision

Part 1:

What's the worst thing about one's manhood?

THE fucking responsibility!

What's the best thing about one's childhood?

THE good old irresponsibility!

The commonality?
It's in the cost of the toys you get throughout your life :)

Part 2:

I changed one of class rules which said "In case you aren't allowed to go to the restroom by the teacher, you can't leave the classroom."
The new rule says:
"You are allowed to leave the classroom with no permission from the teacher as long as you don't tale advantage of teacher's "kindness".

The reason I changed the rule was on the one hand, to give more autonomy to my students so they feel more at ease in my class and on the other hand to behave better!

I have to wait and see how much it works!
As the new rule was mentioned I saw one of them leaving the class as he was smiling!


Anonymous Mohamadreza said...

New idea! It should work great :D

3:54 PM  

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