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Sunday, November 12, 2006


"The best thing about America, no one looks at you like you're so stupid. . . . You can ask the dumbest question, and they'll answer you with a smile."

Though I am very thoughtful and patient on answering my student's questions but sometimes when they turn into a pain in the ass by asking "dumb" questions I wind up to fury and ask them to stop it pronto!

Now, I got to try more to swallow this positive American aspect. Don't I?


Anonymous Mohammadreza said...

Yeah, answering questions is your job, man ;) good luck :)

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Sadra said...

I remember that I had a math teacher in high school, and when students asked him dumb questions he became furious, and very often responded by saying " akhe pedarjane man, man key be shoma ye hamchin chizi ro goftam, man be shoma migoftam ke limiiiiiiiiite x vaghti x meyyyyyyyyyl mikonad be samte bi nahayat sest" His facial expression was really funny, all of the students liked him, but still we used to come up with dumb questions just for the fun of it

9:30 PM  

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