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Friday, February 23, 2007

Nuclear Energy Music

Some unknown artist(s) are paid (I suppose) to sing nuclear energy song(s).Rap and these sorts of music are banned on an Islamic Republic TV so, it attracts a lot of youth. If you know Farsi and a fan of music, especially Nuclear Energy Music fan, Click here Nuclear Energy and select number 3(Nuclear Energy)

If you don't know Persian I translate some parts for you to get the message:

Nuclear energy is our definite right,
We are brave, honorable people that defend our land Iran,
Iran, you mean everything to me,
What's wrong with you America?
Come to our land if you dare,
We will give you a good lesson you never forget,
You are some bunch of Cowboys,
Lets (every Iranian) get rid of the Devil,
We don't care what happens to us tomorrow...

Instead of developing a mutual diplomacy between two nations [I wouldn't know how. I am not a Politician] these sorts of music provoke the Iranian youth to go to war with the US.

At the same time you hear that there (in the US) clips are made to show how "dangerous" Iran is to America and the whole world. And If Iran isn’t stopped from developing nuclear energy we (American citizens) are doomed to die tragically by an Iranian bomb.

Let's think positive and hope for the better!


Anonymous mariamusic said...

Interesting to hear people in Iran are getting ready for a war. I, still, doubt it happens, but I agree if it does, most people in Iran will defend their country regardless their political or social prefrences.I think the music is showing it.

Those people are angry, and a war gives them a perfect opportunity to release the anger although they may not be angry with say the USA necessarily.

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Rebs said...

Dear teacher, your blog is amazing. I have found it when I was looking for statistics of the iran-iraq war, and it made me very interested in iranian routine things, or things we only can have a short idea at newspapers here, in Brazil. Congratulations for your idea

7:53 PM  
Blogger Lotf Ali said...

There is a singer in the US named Toby Keith who sings silly songs like these that appeal to macho Americans.

9:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firstly might i say your English is excellent. Secondly, it would be interesting to get the opinion of the western world in general from your students, as our youth are the holders of our (human)destiny.

Secondly, do you think that your president feels that war with the US is an option to be considered?

In the event of conflict between the US and Iran, what are your opinions as to how this will effetc your country and its attitude towards western states?

2:27 AM  
Anonymous Mohamadreza said...

Just wanted to sayI kinda know this guys, underground music. They dont get any money from the regime, I'm pretty sure. The point is the Iranian youth, like all other youths around the world have lots of energey and they don't look at this world like older generation may do. They just wanna be kinda different. I'm not saying I'm with them or against them. All I'm saying is that it's ineviatble in all societies.

1:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is alright that nuclear power is our undeniable right but I have a question! have we got all the rights we all deserved ( as human being) in this country? ( from enough salary to a very basic welfare to enough job upportunities for the youth,etc) we just urge to get this right (nuclear power ) because our governments provoke us to do so! why our people have never done anything to get their other undeniable rights like this? the answer is: our Governments just stimulate the nationalism feelings toward what thay want

your student from Iran

5:53 AM  
Blogger SF911Truth said...

It is very likely that the factions of the US/Iranian/Israeli government that are pushing for extending the Iraq War would encourage such in-your-face nuclear music -- just the combination of "bring it on!" with nuclear energy is exactly the type of mind set that they want to create.

Us against them type of mindset.

I figure they've got billions of $$ to encourage war -- and their psychological war propoganda surely extends into the cultural sphere.

Here in the US, MTV and even children's cartoons push the same psychotic, subliminal war messages.

The video games here and there are training videos for mass murder.

I worry a lot for your people and your country.

High School Teacher in Georgia, US


10:33 AM  

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