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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Friday Prayer

The prayer is finished when some one yelled:”Takbir” [a call for others to say death to this and that country, literally it means Allah is Great.]

Friday prayers (18 years ago)

“Death to the “Great Satan!”
“Death to USSR!”
“Death to England!”
“Death to Israel!”
“Death to Monafeghin(an opposition group in Iraq) and Saddam!”

Friday prayers (10 years ago)

“Death to the “Great Satan!”
“Death to England!”
“Death to Israel!”
“Death to Monafeghin(an opposition group in Iraq) and Saddam!”

Friday prayers (Lat week)

“Death to the “Great Satan!”
“Death to Israel!”

Friday prayers (2 or more years later)

Those who attend this “Namaz e doshmanshekan” (a prayer which make the enemies give up) come; say their prayers and go home and you don’t hear anything but the rhythm of their steps on the ground; you can also see the sign:

Friday, May 19, 2006


The first time I saw that photo for some reasons I couldn’t believe my eyes:
Firstly, you ain’t in LA.
Secondly, you are in an Islamic Republic!
If someone showed me that photo 10 years ago, I would have thought that the photo didn’t belong to my beloved country but today while sitting on a bench in a park bird watching people I noticed a teenage gal with her boyfriend? Fiancé?
Arm in arm, head over shoulder, necking and making it out, doing all kinds of gymnastic moves on each other.(hey I am getting a bit Iranian to see things in an exaggerated manner)I almost forgot the sweetest part and that was when the guy kissed the girl on her lips in front of other people; there you are!
Now I can believe my eyes more easily. I wish I could take a photo of that scene!

When you look at it you see that the customs change whether you like it or not. For some that can become an act of sacrilege; for some it’s no big deal; while for others it’s called the” violation of social norms.”

One thing is for sure:
The stricter the dress code and obstacles on social behaviors of today’s youth, the more catholic than Pope they turn into!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Teachers Day

Another teacher’s day. As one of my colleges says” another ridiculous day”  Writing needs mood and you aren’t in the “right” mood when you TEACH 12 hours a day where the maximum amount of teaching is considered to be 6 hours per day according to UNESCO.
I am not here to nag, I mean this weblog would have been a “non stop nagging blog” if I was going to complain about the problems. I write this to feel better? I don’t know.

Dear Mr.President:

Instead of talking about the nuclear shit, listen! Just listen!

Teachers’ have other rights which are ignored for years. The nukes are our “undisputable “right when other RIGHTS are bestowed, right?
Teachers aren’t “extra burden” over the government’s shoulder as one of those higher ups has put it.

I hate it to be a tutor in my student’s homes. I definitely know that ask for a tutor so that their final exam grades are guaranteed. Yeah I agree to be a tutor because I am supposed to live here and I would do dish washing if I can’t make my ends meet.

“A decent life, an appropriate social status is my right.” THAT’S my motto.

It’s a pain in my ass to see some uneducated guys bragging about how much they earn and how their organization is granting them this and that. It makes me feel sick.

What answer would you give to your students when they say” we study? So what? Lots of other PHDS, MA degrees are unemployed.”

Second Day:

On teacher’s day the principal gave some nonsense bullshit talks on how teacher’s job is the job of holy prophets and how we are carrying the responsibilities of humans on our shoulders. Nice joke! Ha? Never bother to sympathize with me; I just don’t need it frankly speaking. Then our admin started by saying” We don’t want anything from our government, God would suffice us and HE would listen to us.”

“I do hope God isn’t listening to some music while you are talking to Him.”

I saw some eyebrows rising as I stated this agonistic belief of mine.

Teacher’s Day:

You won’t believe what I am going to say now. I was in the teacher’s lounge when I heard some loud music and a singer singing pop music. I got up to go what is going on. I approached the yard:

About a couple of students were dancing to the tune while the rest (about 400) others were clapping their hands to the tune. Some of these kids were break dancing. I just love this kind of Islamic republic! The adims and the whole staff were just monitoring the students so that no one gets hurt or something in the yard. I would have posted some photos if I wasn’t afraid of my privacy.