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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Help Others,You Might Be Helped Back!

A couple of students had been picked up for Math Olympiad Exam by their teacher. I wasn’t their math teacher of course! I just pointed out that if they want to step up the Exam ladder they have no way but to seize every opportunity they get when I heard Muhammad's sobbing at the back of the classroom. I asked him to come to the floor and asked him about that. He said that his math ability was great and the reason that he hadn’t been picked up by their teacher for Olympiad Exam was that he wasn’t quite as ready in that day; he also brought me a newspaper that showed his name as one of the accepted students in the previous year.
I told him to go out and wash his face.When he was back to the class I promised him talking to his math teacher about this and maybe I could persuade him into introducing him as one of those" elite" students.
During the break time I went to the math teacher who is a good friend of me and told him the story. I also showed him the newspaper. He simply agreed with my request and his name went into the list.

(Break Time)
Reza is one of those students who never pay attention to me during the class time. He never writes or does anything in the classroom. There must be some problem there so; I thought to ask his parents to come to school …

"Reza has lots of difficulty to concentrate, have you noticed this already?"

(His mother)"Yes, He has been taking hyperactive drugs prescribed for him."

"You must take him to Psychiatrist or a Psychologist I think or you will regret it later."

I saw tears in her eyes. I noticed that there was something she was hiding from me but I refused to say anything…

Muhammad came into the parent's room where we could talk about students with the parents. I gave him the good news and told him that he should buy some candies for the following session too. I asked him to go to his math teacher and thank him too. Now he was flying in cloud nine!

This one is one of those books that every one with a little sense of humor enjoys.
Funny inFarsi
Dont worry. Click;)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Street Girl

The girls raised their hands to be picked up by the driver. They were wearing short Mantou with heavy make up while carrying some bags…

One of them who was about 35 started talking flirtingly to the driver if he could give them a ride to their destination!

The driver's friend was hesitant as to whether go with his friend or not. While the driver was flirting with the women he was thinking to "loyalty"
The genes and sperms were revolting while the spirit was struggling to win the battle of Flesh and Spirit like what he saw in "The Last Temptation of a Christ."
Her eyes were inviting and her voice was like the flow of water in a stream…

He asked his friend to pull over .He shook his hands; the hands that were supposed to touch their bodies and he got off the car.

His eyes went after the car while it was getting farther and farther…

He was still thinking to himself as to whether it was his "loyalty "or "fearfulness" that made him get off the car…

Sunday, November 12, 2006


"The best thing about America, no one looks at you like you're so stupid. . . . You can ask the dumbest question, and they'll answer you with a smile."

Though I am very thoughtful and patient on answering my student's questions but sometimes when they turn into a pain in the ass by asking "dumb" questions I wind up to fury and ask them to stop it pronto!

Now, I got to try more to swallow this positive American aspect. Don't I?

Saturday, November 11, 2006


What's the hot news these days in Iran?
The story of an actress who was believed to had had sex with her boyfriend while she was being filmed secretly…

You can hear the story from people of different ages with different backgrounds: educated, illiterate, you name it. You can find the porno movie everywhere. Every one talks about how "bitch" this girl is; but the majority has missed a couple of points:

Correct me if I am wrong, in Western countries you could see Movements and Reforms on sexuality so these kinds of stories don’t make a commotion in their society. In Iran, as this is considered to be a taboo thing on TV or the newspapers people (mostly men) want to have the illegal copy of the CD; the thirst for these things has "declined" in other words, the above mentioned actress has acted as the new Reform in our society. We moved ahead a step in sexual matters, now it's not that strange to see a night party of this and that soccer player or actress!

Today's School:
All the students (about 300 teenagers) were taken to the amphitheater to be given a lecture on how to behave at home. It was the most ridiculous speech that I have ever heard in my whole life. Read and then decide! (I took some notes as he was giving his speech)

"Try to get up early in the morning and don’t forget to say your prayers, it's so refreshing. After school while you are on the way home don’t go anywhere with your friends but home! Where you get home try to be neat and tidy, never ever throw your clothes on the ground. You will be reported by your parents then. [Would they ever believe such bullshits?] Study three hours a day any time you are in the mood. Go to bed at ten and so on and so forth..."

I did my best not to laugh while he was talking sometimes I couldn't. Now I understand why we "educators" make a habit for students to interfere into each other's affairs. In other words, WE make it part of their behavior.

Before the bell rings I started having a conversation about Chinese food culture and when I told them that they eat anything that has four legs one of them raised his hand and asked if they eat humans as well.

I told them that I could bring them the photo of a Chinese man who was eating a fetus to get more customers for his restaurant. They made all argh sounds as it was lunch time. I did get a thrill out of these sounds. Finally we came to this point that not to judge a lot of people by one…

Did I make a change? I hope I did:)