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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Finally one of my students brought me the pirated movie 300 and I watched the movie right after my class in the evening. What I am going to tell you about the movie are my first reactions, thoughts, images erupting as I was watching the movie. So, cool down and hold on your horses:
Because, I had read a lot of "negative" reviews about 300,I couldn't embrace the movie like I do in my usual, normal conditions and I watched the movie after a long tiring day and all these hand in hand made me see the movie more "objectively" than" subjectively." Right from the beginning the word Persian used by King Leonidas made me not have any sympathy with the Spartans at all! Even in some parts I wished to be part of the Xerxes's army to kill the Spartans to their last ones!
You don't need to remind me that "wake up! This is only a movie and nothing more" as I always say this to my students jokingly after watching a movie especially if that is a marshal art movie so that they stop "beating up" each other after the movie. Speaking of marshal arts...this movie had a lot in common with 2 movies I had seen already.
1. Gladiator [I DO adore this movie]
2. No retreat, No surrender
The "bravery" of the Spartan really impressed me and reminded me of those Irani_Iraqi based movies in which an Iranian (Persian) was like Achilles and almost immortal as the Spartan soldiers were.
Very funny indeed!
If this movie had been made five years ago, the Persians could have been replaced by Iraqis on the spot!
Last but not least, I heard some part of Mission Impossible music in the movie exactly before the rhino attack.
Persians could have been pictured more cute and human than what Zack Snyder presented in the movie because you look "MORE" victorious when your rival is made of flesh and is someone like you are!

King Leonidas had been pictured as Jesus in his last close ups with lots of arrows in his body to show how innocent he was while he was killed by "barbarian" Persians.

Shit out of ten is my score to the movie except the graphics which was out of this world!

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Hunter&The "hunt-ee"

Thanks to our "Great" president these Britons felt humiliation as we did when their government toppled down Mohammed Mossadegh's fresh,blossomed government in 1953.If you aren’t afraid of the Gospel Truth and would be thrilled to get to know the tit for tat story click Here

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

300&the Britons

Who would have thought of this?
I entered the class as usual with no business like posture which I usually do while getting into the class and right there one of them devils shouted mockingly and loudly: "STAND UP" I asked him to come to the board and asked him not to shout or behave like an asshole anymore and he nodded his head as a yes sign.
Mr.Fanki?"You promised taking us to the video room and …
"All right! I am still loyal to it."
"Please! Let's go there now! Ali has 300 on a DVD and it would be fun!"
Right there something happened and made the whole class LOL;that was when I lost my control and took that student's collar by hand and pushed him out of my class; his glasses broke into pieces. I was shaking my self. I couldn’t believe that myself. I went mad for a moment and it was a bit late to know that! Crying over the spilled milk? Yes and no!

Stop thinking how brutal I am! You could have done the same thing if you were me! I had talked to that student a thousands times and his parents as well but in vain! If you teach 60 hours a week, you might go nuts in a moment too as I did.

His mother was at school a couple of hours later. We didn’t greet each us at all. She even didn’t look at me while we were in the principal’s room .She was angry as hell. I told her about the whole incident and I apologized for being tough to her son and she bla bla blaed and I did too. Finally, she also apologized for being loud too!"
The principal talked to me first and when I accepted my fault, he also asked her not to spoil his child by giving him a lot of freedom at home:
"Every one of us makes mistakes and even you might punish your son because of a bad behavior, don't you? So, this happened for Mr.Franki too!"

"Yes, I agree."
I will never forget the movie 300 because of this. Yes, I know! I should have acted more wisely!

Now, on the freed Britons…

What eats me the most after hearing the release of Britons was the fact that Mr.(Don't waste your energy pronouncing his name, he isn't worth it) was carefree about the teachers who were beaten and insulted by their thugs in times of Iranian teacher’s protests while, "Dear" Britons were treated with outmost respect and care here. They sure are a bunch of ****!!!(Any taboo words fit here)
Mr. A announced that" the captives were being released as a "gift" honoring both the Easter holiday and Muslim celebrations commemorating the birth of the Prophet Muhammad."
Holy crap! God forbid! I am sure if Muhammad is given another life to be here, he won't have a second chance to live his life fully!
No Ruling Crown would be given to him or commemorating his birth. The truth is that Muhammad is a tool for them to send a message to our Sunni "brethrens" the message of unity in case of a US attack. At the same time, he "honors" Easter to buy himself and his regime a kind of "prestige". At lease this time they saved face by freeing them at the "right" time. Halleluiah…Halleluiah… Halleluiah…

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Monday, April 02, 2007

April Fool's Day

Yesterday I read a horrifying news about the possibility of US attacking Iran in the next 24 hours but when I was directed to the next page to read the rest of the story I understood that yesterday was April Fool's Day; of course we don't have this holiday in our calendar but we sure have something quite similar (Doroughe sizdah ) which a Dorough(lie) is told on the sizdah(13th )of Nowrooz:)
During my 2 weeks holiday which will be over today we visited friends and relatives here and there and I more or less enjoyed my vacation. I also watched 2 great American movies which I DO recommended everyone to see if you haven't already:

Koyaanisqatsi was out of this world. A stunningly beautiful movie. The music by Phillip Glass is a work of pure genius. I can watch this movie again and again. The final sequence of the hobi legend's judgment where the container falls from the sky is just unbelievable. How was it filmed? It's so amazing. I just couldn't help crying there; there was a religious tone to that astonishing part which took you to a heavenly Baptism ceremony. To me It was far much better that "Apocalypse Now" which sums up why our current "civilization" might be heading for destruction. Moreover, Koyaanisquatsi "defamiliarizes" the world and humanity allowing the viewer to have birds-eye view. In other words, we learn so much about our own life and life in general. Is mankind nothing more than ants? Why are we moving so fast? Towards what goal? Long before this men rested at nights and worked during the day and nowadays?

nights&days have become one!? What is our relation with ourselves, nature and other people and animals?
Out of luck we are! Today (13th of Nowrooz) was a hellof a rainy day that we preferred to stay in than out and get wet.

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