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Thursday, April 05, 2007

300&the Britons

Who would have thought of this?
I entered the class as usual with no business like posture which I usually do while getting into the class and right there one of them devils shouted mockingly and loudly: "STAND UP" I asked him to come to the board and asked him not to shout or behave like an asshole anymore and he nodded his head as a yes sign.
Mr.Fanki?"You promised taking us to the video room and …
"All right! I am still loyal to it."
"Please! Let's go there now! Ali has 300 on a DVD and it would be fun!"
Right there something happened and made the whole class LOL;that was when I lost my control and took that student's collar by hand and pushed him out of my class; his glasses broke into pieces. I was shaking my self. I couldn’t believe that myself. I went mad for a moment and it was a bit late to know that! Crying over the spilled milk? Yes and no!

Stop thinking how brutal I am! You could have done the same thing if you were me! I had talked to that student a thousands times and his parents as well but in vain! If you teach 60 hours a week, you might go nuts in a moment too as I did.

His mother was at school a couple of hours later. We didn’t greet each us at all. She even didn’t look at me while we were in the principal’s room .She was angry as hell. I told her about the whole incident and I apologized for being tough to her son and she bla bla blaed and I did too. Finally, she also apologized for being loud too!"
The principal talked to me first and when I accepted my fault, he also asked her not to spoil his child by giving him a lot of freedom at home:
"Every one of us makes mistakes and even you might punish your son because of a bad behavior, don't you? So, this happened for Mr.Franki too!"

"Yes, I agree."
I will never forget the movie 300 because of this. Yes, I know! I should have acted more wisely!

Now, on the freed Britons…

What eats me the most after hearing the release of Britons was the fact that Mr.(Don't waste your energy pronouncing his name, he isn't worth it) was carefree about the teachers who were beaten and insulted by their thugs in times of Iranian teacher’s protests while, "Dear" Britons were treated with outmost respect and care here. They sure are a bunch of ****!!!(Any taboo words fit here)
Mr. A announced that" the captives were being released as a "gift" honoring both the Easter holiday and Muslim celebrations commemorating the birth of the Prophet Muhammad."
Holy crap! God forbid! I am sure if Muhammad is given another life to be here, he won't have a second chance to live his life fully!
No Ruling Crown would be given to him or commemorating his birth. The truth is that Muhammad is a tool for them to send a message to our Sunni "brethrens" the message of unity in case of a US attack. At the same time, he "honors" Easter to buy himself and his regime a kind of "prestige". At lease this time they saved face by freeing them at the "right" time. Halleluiah…Halleluiah… Halleluiah…

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

1- Physical punishment of defenseless children is a crime and a sign of severe mental problem. If you don't have the balls to protest to those who are abusing you, don't point your anger at kids. I recommend that you find yourself a more suitable job. say translation at home so you'll be kept away from hurting other people's kids. Also, talk to a shrink.

2- You are a teacher who criticizes the current Iranian regime but it seems that you are teaching nothing but obedience from the one who rules(in this case you!). Please consider yourself one of the problems of Iranian people that should be solved.

3- The movie 300 is just a movie.Instead of teaching your students not to watch, try to teach them to find their Iranian identity.

4- Sorry if you are offended to read this but you deserved it.

11:26 AM  
Blogger Dr O2 said...

Well this 300 thingy has become a sensitive issue. I am also agnst it with all my heart.

I hate those they-think-they-are-so-funny students as well but punishing them sort of gives them a pleasure in which they will try even harder to break you down mate.

Mr. A, is very unique in deed.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Name withheld :) said...

It is a movie that has no claims to accuracy. Reasonable minds will know it does not depict Iranians of today in any way. I hope that most Americans do not relate Iranians to the characters in the movie as I do not, and I have not heard any such sentiment here, though I have not seen the movie either. Trust that some Americans can see through the rhetoric our government gives us, as some of us realize your government does not reflect the sentiment of all Iranians.

7:07 PM  
Anonymous larrybored said...

I was surprised how your country treated the brit marines. I thought you're country will make them suffer. Oh well, it was a warm gesture on your part, though. We don't wanna make those arrogant western people and make the matter worst, do we? I salute your country on this one for the gesture.

8:45 PM  
Anonymous larrybored said...

edited: I was surprised at how your country treated the brit marines. I thought your country will make them suffer. Oh well, it was a warm gesture on your part, though. We don't wanna make those arrogant western people get angry, do we? I salute your country on this one for the friendly and unhostile gesture.

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

''We don't wanna make those arrogant western people get angry, do we?''

Larry, is this some kind of a dig?

If it is, then let us re-run the events; Iranian coastguard, jumping into action, apprehend fifteen of the worlds' finest, under the watchful eyes of the Lynx helicopter hovering nearby, and the heavy guns and rockets of the HMS Cornwall, that happened to be the task force command ship, as well as playing mother ship for the detained personnel, now Larry, if these coastguards were worried about the ''anger of the Western people'', they ought to have not picked up anyone right from under the noses of all that heavy artillery, including the aircraft carriers hanging around the place.

You see, fear did not come into into the humane treatment of the detainees, that is the way the Iranians deal with those whom own up, admit, and stand accountable, seeing as the detainees admitted to their incursion, they were treated with clemency, and humanity. Unlike the 'Western people' whom find cruelty, torture,and inhumanity as a matter of only course of conduct, Iranians beholden to their traditions of; logic, humanity, and enlightenment fully appreciated the minor rule of the poor detainees whom had been pushed into their waters by orders from above.

Finally, evidently anyone crossing the threshold of Saddam's palaces catches the same virus as Comical Ali; keep lying through their tiny little teeth. Losing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the belligerents keep on boasting about how well they are wining it!

This fact is not going missing on anyone, hence the release of the detainees had nothing to do with the fear, and foreboding, but was simply the result of detainees admitting their misdemeanour's, and owning up, ergo gaining their freedom. Although, later treatment of these in their own country further highlighted the cruelty of the Blair government whom using these poor souls as tabloid fodder, kept them happy by the pittance come their way from the tabloids, while effectively ending their service, and losing their jobs, because as anyone knows soldiers do not like squeals, and kiss and tell characters.

Passing guy

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny commentary there.

Has anyone ever pointed out to you that in the entire history of the British Military Armed forces, that female personnel are not sent into frontline incursions over any borders?

You seek misdemeanour like shylock sought his pound of flesh, so that you can satisfy ego and say, "see I told you so, we shouldn't have gone"

And yet reguardless, we went, and we're still there, and we're staying for longer than you'll allow or warrant is necessary.

Recent history tells us all we need to know when fundementalists take up armed personal causes. And if you apply a modicum of objectivity you'll recognise that the assasination of Archduke Ferdinand and the ensuing 2 World Wide conflicts is the Butter Fly effect of Terrorism, which to you errorenously has been declared War On.

America doesn't need to win Wars on Drugs or Terror, it just makes it's point and bides it's time.

You might not like that point, few do, but in seeking ways to denigrate all mans evils few it is indeed who seem willing to acknowledge the challange set before humanity which prevents Administrations having to unleash themselves in defence after attacks upon them and declarations of War.

And War was declared, in case you missed it. And NOT by the West.

As to the 300, Iranians have now found a pride in Persia again. Timely enough that their government continues to persue the policy which acts to destroy Persian heritage.

Question War, Yes, by all means. But question not the gift of new found knowledge and wisdom.

6:38 PM  

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