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Monday, April 02, 2007

April Fool's Day

Yesterday I read a horrifying news about the possibility of US attacking Iran in the next 24 hours but when I was directed to the next page to read the rest of the story I understood that yesterday was April Fool's Day; of course we don't have this holiday in our calendar but we sure have something quite similar (Doroughe sizdah ) which a Dorough(lie) is told on the sizdah(13th )of Nowrooz:)
During my 2 weeks holiday which will be over today we visited friends and relatives here and there and I more or less enjoyed my vacation. I also watched 2 great American movies which I DO recommended everyone to see if you haven't already:

Koyaanisqatsi was out of this world. A stunningly beautiful movie. The music by Phillip Glass is a work of pure genius. I can watch this movie again and again. The final sequence of the hobi legend's judgment where the container falls from the sky is just unbelievable. How was it filmed? It's so amazing. I just couldn't help crying there; there was a religious tone to that astonishing part which took you to a heavenly Baptism ceremony. To me It was far much better that "Apocalypse Now" which sums up why our current "civilization" might be heading for destruction. Moreover, Koyaanisquatsi "defamiliarizes" the world and humanity allowing the viewer to have birds-eye view. In other words, we learn so much about our own life and life in general. Is mankind nothing more than ants? Why are we moving so fast? Towards what goal? Long before this men rested at nights and worked during the day and nowadays?

nights&days have become one!? What is our relation with ourselves, nature and other people and animals?
Out of luck we are! Today (13th of Nowrooz) was a hellof a rainy day that we preferred to stay in than out and get wet.

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Anonymous World Politics Forum Admin said...

Dear Iranian Teacher,

Hello. I own a world politics forum and actually someone played the same joke on our forum today: http://www.politicsforumpoliticalworld.com/breaking-headlines/2278-britain-declares-war-iran.html

I was very surprised at first as well, especially since I had heard no news on it and I had just checked the news. :p Our forum was not fooled for long and we soon realized it was a hoax. The poster was just having some fun with us though. :)

In any case, Iranian Teacher, I am also a teacher of high school students, so we have something in common. We also have somethingp else in common, which is that we are both interested in the situatio in Iran. I would be really interested in hearing more of your thoughts on Iran, so I invite you to my world politics forum: http://www.politicsforumpoliticalworld.com/

Membership is free and has no commitment. You can observer or comment, or whatever. We just want to have lots of intelligent people around to discuss and debate with. People take the forum casually or seriously, whichever they prefer, though most on the forum are very intelligent and very civil.

We hope that you might think of the forum as a place where you can stop by and share some of your thoughts with us. We have members from around the world (the US, Europe, Middle East (including Iran), Asia and Africa.

Have a great day! :)

World Politics Forum Admin

11:23 PM  

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