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Friday, March 30, 2007

Very Far,Yet,Very Close

There are three phenomena which have the above mentioned characteristics :( Very far, Yet, Very close)
God, Death&Happiness.

I was looking for the life cycle of USB flash memories when I was bombarded with these thoughts:

Everything_ if you look at it closely_ you buy has a life cycle, even things that can't be bought form stores like your mind and thoughts; at every age our thoughts seek to satisfy the needs related to that age. We are in constant need to need!
Maybe it's our mentality as Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) puts it that we can't imagine anything better than this.

Continuous joy,
Continuous pain,
Lasting happiness?...
Were we all born to live a life like this?
Isn't there a better meaning for life? I want more...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Religion itself has a lifecycle, and so too has God. This is born out throught the ages with the rise and fall of modes of worship as man continually finds new means in old ways to personify his ignorance and fear of his environment.

Everything must face the forces of extinction head on. Eveything.

Even though all things return to the void, to nothingness, to chaos, their passing leaves an imprint on the living to be passed on to the soon to be living.

This is even born out in our genetic patterns. Which is the very stuff of Chaos made tenously whole for the briefest of times in this localised area of space we like to call Earth.

In full sight of this enlightenment, in quiet introspective moments like the one describe, I took comfort in my personal actions to renounce all ties to a single organised religion and it's trappings of low understanding.

This is the briefest of chances you'll ever recieve to reach enlightenment through the continual strive for knowledge.

And the day we stop learning, is the day we start to pass out of existence.

You know this, like I, I feel... and yet?

5:39 PM  

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