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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Bitch

The doctor prescribed me Acid mephnamic and I went home without noticing that I had received the wrong drugs. I consulted with my mom and she told me that the druggist must have made a mistake. Iranians are jack of all trades, including my mom; then again I went to my doctor (wasting more time) and to my surprise she told me the same words of my mom :

Me:” Excuse me ma’m, Instead of Acid mephnamic you gave me the wrong prescription (Hematinic) Do these two look similar in any ways?”

Druggist:” Yes, you are right!”

Me:” What if I used all these medics? Don’t you think that you could have hurt me by that?”

The stupid bitch grinned and said:” these ones are 20 cents more expensive than the previous ones!”

Why shouldn’t one apologize when he/she makes a stupid mistake? That’s the least you expect from a human and in this case a druggist; don’t you think so?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Film Genres

If I want to compare my life in different genres:

My childhood would be:

War movies; since I had always this “battle” with my mom and dad to study more &more&more.I was always the “best” student in our class but from the last!

My adulthood would be:

Fantasy& Supernatural movies; Fantasy since I really had this Thing about our neighborhood girls and supernatural since, I had a deep, instinct feeling on God ;HE was so close, so friendly, so approachable so and so!

My manhood would be:

Dramatic & hopefully Road
movies; Dramatic since, I was getting more serious on my life affairs, getting a more realistic character and my life stories involved more intense character development and interaction. I am waiting patiently for my Road movie to happen!

Oh oh! Don’t get me wrong! I am NOT totally discovered,the other half is still covered!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Little Happiness(es)

Although it was a scorcher yesterday, Yesterday was my day. Things were really different yesterday. People were nicer or maybe I was nicer to people. Does it make any difference?

_The ticket seller when faced with a bill didn’t complain rather, he sounded witty when he said:” Why don’t you go on foot, if you don’t have change?”

_The man in the office offered me to drink a glass of lemonade which isn’t wired by itself unless; you are in an office waiting nervously to see how things move forward.

_The woman in black veil (Chador) praised me on my “capabilities” and told the other guy in the room that” He is the best one so far!” Her comment sent a chill through my bones and I felt myself in heavens. Holy cow! How is that possible?

_The passerby gave me the right address when he was asked about the street without the usual bla bla and most important of all, without misleading me.

You see, it’s not THAT difficult to be a happy person after all.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Iran 0_Angola 1

As a primary student, when I was about 10, I was a bit fussy on how to do my homework assignment. In case of a trivial mistake on my notebook, I tear the whole page down to start over again. I either did it errorless or had a lot of mistakes in my homework. An absolute black and white school kid!
Let me relate this to our national soccer team and remember that; this is my personal view over the issue:

Now that we lost two games against Mexico and Portugal, I hope we lose the game against Angola, why? I have got reasons:

1. If we win the game against Angola Branko and the whole soccer federation will see this as a “Great Victory” and any radical change is rather impossible there. So be it!

2. We Iranians tend to forget things easily which by itself is “harmful”. In case of winning the game we forget about the deep scar in our hearts so by losing the game against Angola this infection gets deeper and something “radical” must be done.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

"National Pride"

Once again our “national pride” was shattered.
Once again I felt blue after losing against Portugal.
The soccer federation: Go to hell along with Bronco Ivankovic!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Interview;Iranian style

Interview; Iranian style

For A FEW “critical” jobs the interview is done in a weird, strange manner which is almost different with what is common elsewhere. Let me make this clear for you:

First, they send their special agents to search about the person in advance based on your home address you provided in your CV.They go to one of your neighbors randomly and start enquiring about your history.

A: Enquirer B: Your neighbor  

A: What kind of a guy Frank is? Does he pray?

B:”Yes, of course! He is one of the “best” guys we have ever had in our neighborhood for the last ten years.”

A: How about his family? What are THEY like? Are they religious “enough”?

B:”As far as I know them they truly are.

God forbid if they happen to go to the wrong neighbour; that’s the time you wish you weren’t born. If that neighbor gives wrong info on you based on the fight you had with them you are done; you lose half of the chance of getting the job.

If you ever have an argument with your previous principal then, your principal can start putting your personality down in a big way; kiss your ass good bye with the job.

Before the interview you should grow some beard to look like a true religious Muslim and you lose the chance of getting the job if you shave your mustache and beard.

During the interview you really shouldn’t be your self to show them your true color otherwise if you are a qualified person for the job with high skills, you won’t get the job.

If you don’t pray 7 times a day like a “true” Muslim, tell them you do.
If you drink alcoholic drinks, tell them you never do and bite your tongue as a gesture on how “UN Islamic” that is.
If you have antigovernment beliefs, try to cover them all or you won’t get the job.

All these must be accompanied with your qualifications like job experience, etc…

A kind of” Animal Farm” living…

Disclaimer: What ever I mentioned above shouldn’t be generalized to other jobs, only a FEW of them.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


JUSTICE?! What a crappy, shitty word when the whole system is based on INJUSTICE! When the society goes rotten, so do the people. Look let me make something clear once and for all; that is I really don’t want to justify my actions and the wrong things I did rather I want to slit my own personality  and my society for you all !

When I first started teaching I didn’t think of being a tutor; I even didn’t imagine it just because I thought of it (going to other peoples houses to teach) as belittling myself. When I saw the other tutors I couldn’t help but criticize them inside myself on what they were doing. But the world taught me a good lesson and I was a good student I learnt it so well. Wasn’t I a stupid, naïve, idealist teacher? Sure I was.
I am not anymore. I don’t let the fucking world (read society) treat me the way it wants. I want my rights, the right of having a decent car and living in a comfy place and I do everything to make that happen. Now I hate every word which has something of the word, be it ideal or IST.

I made all those bla bla  to tell you what happened to me today:

The principal asked me to come over to his office and I knew already that the shit had already hit the fan but tried to stay calm! He showed me two graded final papers of the students.

“As far as you and I both know these two students weren’t hard working students during the term and now I see both of the passed their final exam; how could it be? Were you their tutors? Did you teach them in their homes? Did you know that it is “against” the law?” he said it all with a rebuking intonation!

“Whoa! I said it inside and went on like: where on earth is this law? Can you show the law to me?”

He said yes but refused to do so just because he thought I didn’t know shit about these “laws.” He was trying to break my self confidence but at least not him!

“Look! You have corrected the grade of these students and have added them up too! How about those who didn’t have money to be your students? Don’t they have the right to pass their exams? You guaranteed their final grades by getting money and teaching them for several sessions? Why didn’t you pass the other failed students who didn’t have money to be your private students? Is that justice?”

“Justice? (I laughed) what justice? Weren’t you the one who came to me last year for marking one of the students up just because the dad of the kid was one of you pals?”

“Me? When? Where?”

“Yeah, YOU were the one who asked this and I accepted it! You were my principal any way!”
“Don’t change the subject!”
“You and I both know that I am one of you best teachers here and you can’t deny that, can you? I know teachers here who relax in their classroom and don’t kill themselves and are under average teachers and because they don’t have any private students you don’t try to make problems for them. I have some private students who pay me directly without the involvement of the school and that has made you angry?”

I know a teacher who is a vendor as well as a teacher but when it comes to filling the list he is really “generous” on letting them pass all and that doesn’t make a commotion anywhere. Now tell me is that justice?

The whole education sucks here! You get this inferiority complex when you see that the grocer of your neighborhood comes to pick up his kid from school with a flashy car but you have to walk!

Little by little I start thinking that people owe me things and I want to get my rights by getting more and more private students without taking this into account that they don’t deserve to pass that level. The whole system is moving toward this motto” let every one who studies passes the level.”

I forgot to mention that those two students were disruptive students at school though, I didn’t have any problem with them but through the words of our principal I understood that one of the kid’s parents had been at school and had had a fight with the principal and that was one of the major reasons as why the principal was picky on that student.