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Friday, December 15, 2006

Well Done

I have always wanted to be a movie director and if there were a theme I wanted to make a movie based on it that would be redemption like what I have read about "Bad Lieutenant" but unfortunately, I haven't found the movie to watch.

While I was watching "Transit Cafe" By Kambouzia Partovi I thought to my self if there were a famed director who could show the average city life of an Iranian with no exaggeration. The movies screened in other countries are those which are either too dark or too light.(Ya Az Invare Boom Ya Az Ounvar)
What does an average foreigner think when he/she sees "Transit Cafe?" Do all Iranian women wear Chadors? Do all people believe in those superstitions screened in the movie? The woman in the movie is prohibited of having her own Cafe but here I see (though a few) women who are both taxi drivers and bus drivers! Why not making a movie based on their lives?
One of the main reasons I have opened this weblog is to open another window to the eyes of the world about my country and myself.
When an athlete does a wonderful job like what our wrestlers did in Doha 2006 Olympic Games, I thought how their winning the match could change the view points of other viewers about Iran and Iranians.
When a movie becomes one of the nominees in a foreign festival, Once again I think of the changes it could make in the eyes of a an American, European, etc...

With this weblog that has an average 30_40 viewer a day, I can't go too far but, if I could change a thing very little, I think someone should pat on my back and says" Well done boy!"

Not to Vote

Target the most populated areas; Play with our emotions through posters and mushy words; mushy songs and the fucking mass killer media. Try to buy my vote by free Internet Cards.Yes,"WE every single one of us are the bricks of this mansion." as Haddad Adel (Injustice) put it. You want me to be one of those bricks so that you could dwell in this cozy place?
I am not that stupid to vote!

Iranians minds are distracted,
Lots of installs and uninstalls,
Lots of formats,
These all have made our hard drives us all grumble,
Defragmentation is a must!

Babak is one of those cute little devils that might not catch someone's attention in the first time. Today he was sitting quietly in his seat sadly crying silently.

"What's wrong, Babak?"
"You sure?"
"Oh,well... sobbing... this.... there is this classmate of mine Mohsen who has called my father names...I don't want to make any trouble for him ...but...this has been pestering me a lot from then on..."
"I will talk to him about this!"

He was relieved a bit and started taking his exam.

When the bell rang, I asked them both to stay after the class.

Mohsen: Before you punish me mister I have to say that I didn't call names or things like that...

Babak: He calls me names in Kurdish and the other students would use his words against me when they want to make fun of me!"

Mohsen: "I swear to God that I didn't mean HIM!"

Babak: "My parents are away to Mecca for a week and I have missed them a lot."

Now my penny dropped. Now I knew that the lack of being with his parents has made my student so hyper sensitive about anything related to his mom and dad!

I settled things down and they both left the class wearing smile. My breakfast was almost over and I only had time to drink a cup of tea!