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Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Real Estate Agent

What do you think of a real estate agent?
These guys don't have a straight intestine in their stomach as we say in Persian. They are the most two faced guys one can find in Iran. I myself went to the seller's house when I first was introduced by the agency and did everything by myself to persuade the seller in terms of buying his house.
This Mr. agent tries to put on an Islamic face by reading Arabic verses and wants to pretend that they are there just for the sake of God.
"We are here to help people have their own house for the sake of God"
Somebody told me once that" a mum never has sex with dad for free" In Persian we have a more polite proverb that says:" A cat never catches a mouse for the sake of God."
These stresses, nightmare has intensified my ulcer and a constant worry over things. I hate to wait to get a yes or no answer from someone just like my poor wife.
Fuck! If I had more money I could have better choices and could find the "decent" house sooner with less stress.
Don't stop your prayers for me, please!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Ali Sanaei said...

Nice blog.
well done, keep it on ...

5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've got a great blog. But is it necessary to pepper it with four-letter words? I wish I could recommend it to my friends, but can't do it yet....


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