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Saturday, September 30, 2006

9/11 Iranian Version

Though it would be a fatal mistake to compare Americas 9/11 with Iran Iraq war but, there are similarities as well one can think of: Murders of innocent people (Not Martyrdom)

One of my life real stories begin like this:

Once upon a time, there was a twelve year old kid who was playing Alakdolak(A kind of Game) with his friend around the neighborhood. You could see the Sun sinking down in the sky. It was MY turn to move my bat to give the wooden piece a real hit when out of nowhere I heard sirens all over the place. I was taught to fall down as soon as possible in cases like this. I looked at the sky with eyes wide open in horror and disbelief!

What I was staring at was rather a nightmare than something real.

The Jet plane …Bombs dropping in a raw like the ones I had seen in World War 2...
I fell myself down on the ground to protect myself from the airwaves? Produced by the airplane. If the airplane was closer I am sure there was no Frank writing this post. (Kiss my ass goodbye)
I ran to the place where the bombs had been dropped to know what had happened. Out of luck, one of those bombs hadn’t been activated in a densely populated area or lots of innocent people had been killed there.

Lots of broken windows…Blood all over the place on the walls…Women's screaming… Crashed cars…

I know a war between America and Iran is unimaginable at the moment but let's hope these "negotiations" work with no final showdown. Amen!

PS: I do appreciate if you do Frank a favor by sending this to your friends so that others get to know what we ordinary Iranians are looking for ISNOT the end of the world (War) rather a peaceful life.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Classroom Management

When I go into a class on the first day I take my authority granted with being moderate. (not being too aggressive or submissive)

Rules I ask my students to follow at the beginning of school year:

Rule number 1:" When I am teaching I want every cell of you to be with me; move and you will be finished."

Rule number 2:" When I ask Ali to answer my question I don’t to see Reza& Hamid&Babak&Javad &Mohammad's hands raised to answer Ali’s question."

Rule number 3:"If I see any one who starts putting his books away before the bell rings, he and if the whole class does this will be punished by writing extra homework."

Rule number 4:"Never ever eat or drink something covertly at the back! Ask me if you can and be sure that if I "recognize" that you had sort of a problem in the yard and couldn't eat or drink I will let you to go out."

Rule number 5:"If by any chance I see you doing you e.g. History homework in the classroom while I am teaching, your book and notebook would be thrown in the wastepaper basket."

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


When I had the teeth, I didn’t have Anything to eat
When I lost the teeth, I had Everything to Eat!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

What does a teacher do in Today's Iran?

Nope! You are totally wrong if you think teachers are thinking on how to improve their teaching methods or things like that.

Today was the first day and there were almost no classes because things hadn’t been preplanned as usual. The just sorted the classes out and then let them go home with no sense of achievement on their first day of school.

Back to my answer:

The physical education teachers have their own shop and sell things.
The Science teacher has his own taxi and is a taxi driver after school.
The Geography teacher is a real state agent after school.
The least but not the last surly is the English teacher who is a vendor and sells all kinds of stuff.

I dont have a second job yet but am thinking about it!

Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to nag about the lowest salaries which are paid to teachers now. What I meant by this post is to say:" How do those higher-ups really expect us teachers to teach with no worries where we have so many problems that will surely affect the students "education" as well?"

When our "dear" government doesn't give a fuck to education and teachers so I think to myself:" well, to hell with the students and their so called education!"

All above mentioned things aside,I try to do my best as long as I have the energy but until when?