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Monday, April 24, 2006

Iran,Through Female Eyes

Here are some of my female students’ emails to me about the current issues we are dealing with:

When I'm writing this note, Iran could complete the cycle of fuel. I know this news causes other countries that they don't agree with our nuclear program, to do actions more strict than before.
I agree with some idea in this article, where it said people in Iran are so nationalist.
However some people believe we should wait for help of foreign, and they tell each other they tired from this system and they know this system can't solve their problems. In the election's time we can see these people are talking about election and they say they never vote. But tomorrow of election's day we will hear in the news that 60% of people vote in recent election! Then other governments think this news is a big lie. But it's true. In fact, our people hope that with election and other ways that they can interfere in politic, maybe they can change some elements in system. They hope yet!
They sure none of the foreign governments come here for save them! They come here just for their benefits. Because during the years our people experience some events that make their mind in this way. One of these experiences is 19 AUG’s overthrow coup de ta (KODETA). When we wanted to free oil from (I don't know in English) "TASARROF"[control] British company, they didn't accept and people could see a big struggle and fight between Mossadeqe and British government. After that when people had gone more ways and they were near to freedom from power politics of Britain and from the dictatorship of king, US government with one overthrow destroyed all wills of people. This memory remained in Iranian's minds. Because of some memories like this, I think they
Never can trust to foreign countries.
Some years ago Mr. KHATAMI president of Iran said "between us and US is a tall wall, the name of this wall is UN-trust wall. Sometimes this wall may crash but it's tall and hard yet!" I think this sentence from him is in people's mind. When we arrive to nuclear program, most of people get too hard-line. They know nuclear energy is their right and when powerful countries have it, why they don't have? When Israel without accepting any protocol has many nuclear sites, why do they give up in front of pressures?
On the other hand politicians in Iran don't like falling in predicament of nuclear program. However Ahmadinejad is too hard-line but the main leaders don't want to have messy and violence in nuclear program. They really want to continue the negotiations that even they accepted Ebrahim Jafari's suggestion for having negotiation in Iraq with US government.
On the other hand, I guess, US don't like to interfere in Iran's problems with military attack. Because war in Iraq cause that face of US in world getting famous as a fighter country, the government that can't solve any problem without war. But both of them (Iran & US) like save their benefits.
You know we have conservative government in Iran & we have neoconservative government in US. I believe all of conservatives are hard-line. All of them have aggressive politic. In many ways our government is like as US government, and I think they are like as mirror for each other. No one can endure own picture when it's too ugly!
I'd like to think next step in Iran is from sober and we should wait for US decision:
Which group from US will come for negotiation? (Nahid)

Second Email:

I think at first about hardliner president: Ahmadinejad who select by 60% of turnout. He began his  presidency the same time with nuclear issue, he  believed Iran's researches and actions about fuel circuit ,nuclear energy would continued ,and hold out on his idea that admittedly is Iranian idea .

He can check with US seditions policy and observations of US policymakers.
In contrast to people and leaders in Iran that are religionist and live with this kind of thoughts that are loyal to revolution, leaders, ideals revolutionary, etc, US policies are threatening and secularism.

They wanted to force all countries to do every things that they like, they also make mischief between Islamic countries, menace them of Iran atomic power, they are showing Iran is threatening for them and other countries.

Within living memory US impair to other nations, so we can see nausea of US in world and in Iran, too. West countries think Iranian people need to freedom and fresh air they want to change people culture and beliefs, if some young people do not like Islamic republic and religion behaviors is not cause to all people do not want this regime and revolution their problem wont solve because their problem is substantial, even themselves do not know what they need? Or what is freedom?

Problems in Iran return to people financial position , if leaders promises is protected by sanctions and rethink about economic plans  and  confront corruption ,it may mean they can be sure there are some body that notice them .

Now every body in Iran want to continue atomic researches and wait for check vis-à-vis  west  expectation ,when we have power for provide our needs ,why we rely to west ? Negotiation deadlock will be until Europeans and US rethink on this issue.

Now each Iranian from many backgrounds have consolidated their idea and thoughts  and  protect   of leader Khamenei ,president and other policymakers .Iran  and Iranian must be stable on their idea.

In response, if each person tries to correct his/her behavior I think society will correct.
Today in my university prepare a 200kg cake for protect of nuclear successes.


Blogger Kimia said...

Tell to the second studnet that She cannot use comma between two complete sentences. The name of the Error is Comma Splice. It is very popular though. She can use either period or semicolon.

11:01 AM  
Blogger bmcworldcitizen said...

Recently stumbled across your blog, and was intrigued.

I have been watching the Bush administration positioning themselves for war over the last number of months.

As a concerned global citizen, I am have become increasingly disturbed by the strident tones coming out of Washington and Teheran. I try to do my part, and regularly correspond with Americans online to try and change views.

A few current examples.


I think we are running out of time. We need Iranian English speakers to appeal directly to the American public through blogs and other forums, to ask them to dissuade the American government from attacking Iran.

You guys need to posting every day on multiple American blogs.

Like here : http://www.nonsensicalravingsbyj...i.blogspot.com/

or here :

The Iranian and American people need to talk to each other and basically cut Bush and Ahmadinejhad out of the picture.

Far too many Americans still view Iranians as deranged religious terrorists, you guys have got to change that view.

12:01 PM  
Blogger World Geography Teacher said...

I am a concerned American myself and I am appalled at what Bush has been doing in the world. I wish he would mind his own business. I have started reading your blog and it is nice to see someone else's point of view

1:35 PM  
Blogger NYC Taxi Shots said...


11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

war will not be necessary.

Iran produces about 4 million barrels of oil a day, most of which it exports. The country imports nearly all of its refined petroleum products -- such as gasoline and diesel fuel -- from Europe and India.
And I think the thing that would bring the Iranian government and economy to its knees, quite quickly, would not be a cut-off of their exports of unrefined petroleum (but to ban) their imports of refined petroleum products

4:11 PM  
Blogger Dr O2 said...

we have already enriched uranium & spent loads of money on the whole thing. The facility is enormous! we can't now stop everything for someone is afraid of what we do! damn hell we are afraid of them having them as well!! yesterday the Israeli PM declared their strength is beyond imagination! hell yes! who is to deny that? a country who won't even allow IAEA visit it's nuclear sites!!!

Yet we are developing nuclear energy & they translate it as nuclear bomb!!!

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why doesn Iran need nuclear energy when they have so much oil?

and if iran does make a nuclear bomb and uses it, do the iranian people think they would win a nuclear war with the US and Europe?

do the iranian people realize what they're doing?

4:40 PM  
Blogger brando said...

I think I'm seeing a pattern of argument.

The 2 things being stated can exist at the same time.

US position: Iran can't have nuke weapons.

Iran position: We can have nuke power.

Those aren't mutually exclusive things.
There are only 2 parts:

1: The US demands an absolute guarantee that Iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon, because millions will die.

2: Iran demands nuclear power because (I think) the fields are running dry.

If those were the only two factors, then I think there could be a solution.

Robert Heinlein has a cool quote:

"Your enemy is never a villain in his own eyes. Keep this in mind, it may offer a way to make him your friend. If not, you can kill him without hate--and quickly."

I'm not pointing fingers, I'm not angry. I'm worried. I want to survive.

Why is the destruction of America such a non-negotiable point?

2:02 AM  

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