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Friday, April 14, 2006

Mysterious Land

Hey we are totally different with the rest of the world. If there is a “yellow cake” we all think the whole world is having a birthday party for US and we ignore the fact that somebody else has bought us the cake; the fact that we only made a bigger cake and have invited the whole world for watching the cake.One by one as you see the candels lighted,they get high flames.Can anyone blow them out?No way!Does this cake buy baby a frock?Noway!We see ourselves the center of universe. C’mon! It’s not YOUR birthday. When this teacher works his ass out to live like a human I really can’t be happy to see the cake.We try to resolve our inferiority complex through some strange bizarre mechanism like bragging on things and covering things up; that’s why we are unknown for ourselves; let alone others who think of this country as a mysterious land and it really is.Take all the examples of these sorts like:”Isfahan is half of the world.” Although it indicates the beauty of Isfahan, it also indicates that no where else you can find these kinds of beauties. We become so hypersensitive about our history without having an eye to the future. We live mostly in the past and in our memories.Then again I am optimistic about the future of this mysterious land…

“Who is gonna cut the cake?to how many pieces?70 millions?Will every one get his/her own share?"


Blogger Dr O2 said...

lol yeah!

Before anything else:

"congrats on developing..."!!

We are the best, the very best, hmmm... the very very best! The one & only... ;-)

12:07 AM  
Blogger Ibérico said...

I do not know if you are the best... I prefer to think that we (the mankind) was suppose to be the best!
Excellent post.
When I come to Iran I should be able to tell you if you are the best, for the moment I don't really know that... ;)
Cheers from Portugal

4:59 AM  
Anonymous Joe (American Student) said...

I'm incredibly saddened by the fact that I'll probably never get to explore so many "mysterious lands," on this planet. This is why I study the science of spaceflight; perhaps one day I may find others who wish to start another world that is free of delusions, that is foreward looking, that is just, and that, unlike so many places on earth, especially the US in recent years, is open to everyone who is trying to make their life better.

P.S. Congradulations on your contries recent developments. I hope your leaders are more responsible than ours with such power. (Heroshima, Nagasaki, 3 Miles Island, the Bikini Atoll, tests in Navada... the list goes on)

2:07 PM  
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