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Sunday, March 05, 2006


I got(read confiscated) a bottle of firecrackers (not the one which makes one happy but the one which makes you nuts in its real term) from one of my students by chance. The kid was asking me to give him back the firecrackers when I started the “morality” lesson:

“I know you won’t listen to my request not to use these firecrackers in the street but, PLEASE don’t use any of them when some lady, man, young or old is around. Go a head and use the “Bomb” (read firecracker) in the street but don’t do any harm to anyone.”

“I was told that if you cry for Imam Hussein all your sins will be forgiven. Won’t they?” Hamed asked.  

“Imam Hussein didn’t do any harm to any one, did he?”

“You go disturb people by these firecrackers and think by crying over the Imam’s soul things will be forgiven? Wake up and smell the coffee boy.”

That was the first time ever that the lesson turned into the theology one and I didn’t mean to be a clergy in my class. I felt the need though as these days you can see the kids welcoming Charshanbe Souri by making firecrackers (The slang term is called Bomb)

I am sure if we commemorated this nice and beautiful occasion nationally by the government,we wouldn’t witness so much noise pollution and kids burning caused by making the boms by the kids.

PS:I reurned the bottle to the kid as in order for an old habit to die,one has to go deep into the culture to reconstruct the destroyed building once again.


Anonymous Mohammadreza said...

I dont think that the governments want a peacful Charshanbe Souri cuz in this way, they will have a reason to blame the people. They dont like us to celebrate that day, so they do whatever they can to SHIFT+DELETE it from our culture. If these kids be wise enough, they dont use these kinds of small bombs anymore. They can just set some fire and jump over them or follow other original traditions for this day. Once again, dont give any chance to the Gov. by not using this so-called bombs. Thats the point

4:22 AM  
Blogger Kimia said...

I have been in down town Berlin last year at Christian new year and it was my first new year out of Iran so I was looking forward to see what they will do when the year starts at 12 pm. But I didn't believe that something happened there worst than our chaharshanbe soori. Lots of fully crazy drunk people burning the complete big box of firecrackers and making terrible sounds. throwing things into air without considering that it's going to come back down on the head of somebody. I was so scared, people were totally drunk and any of them might have jumped on you to kiss you. Anyways, as long as equipments are available people would do crazy things it doesn't matter if they are from Iran with lack of joy and celebration or from Germany. It’s hard to teach something to all the people.

5:45 PM  

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