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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Why Should Women Work?

My students aren’t aware of the fact that I “misuse” their emails not only as a class paper but also as a way to give my readers an insight on how an average Iranian man or woman think and live. I have left the emails unedited because I think they needed to remain intact in order to secure the essence of the message:

Mina (Female about 21)

I think that's clear! When a woman has knowledge and ability of doing something and when she can do this work in a best way, why she doesn't do? Women before their gender are human and they absolutely are free to choose their favorites things.
Some men believe that the atmosphere of Job's environment isn't good for women but I think these are us that make this atmosphere. We must learn that we should work with each other without make any problem for each other.
Women try to go to the university and try to learn things and they want to help to society with their jobs. Why they should stand at home when they know all the thing of doing something?
Some men believe that if a woman works, she can't do house chores very well and this is possible when he goes home, he hasn't dinner!!! But I think we should learn that woman didn't come for give us service. They just get married for beginning a life with her husbands that in this life both of them should try to make a good life, good family, good children, and in this life both of them should be relax. So women aren't servants!
I think the society is the same as family; men and women should work with each other and create a good society. Finally when can stop men's working, we can think about stop women!

Mona (Female_22)

There are three main reasons why women work .The first one is there are some jobs which need more attention and delicacy by women. Women are more patient and precise. They have more patience. They can do these jobs better than men, for example sewing, food dressing although some men do these jobs as well. And in other hand there are some jobs that need to strong power that woman can't do them. The second reason is financial Independence. Women think they should depend on men and they can't do everything along. When women work, they earn money so they can become financially independent and they gain self-confidence. Also I think this reason is for when they don't get married. The third reason is life’s situation. Nowadays women need to work to earn money for their lives as men do .Expenditure is high and both men and women for spending their lives need to work. Totally I agree with women's working. But when they have child its better them not to work and take care from their children till their children grow up and become older because children need to their mother's love more than money. When women are in home there are special peace and safety for their husband and children.

Maria (Female 23)

In my idea if every person has an expert knowledge he or she should use from his or her skill. It's no difference between men or women! Especially nowadays that everything is expensive and life is being very hard, both of men and women should work.
Some girls are very anxious for going to the university and they study very hard until they accept in the university. Then they accept in university their parents spend a lot of money for them and they take trouble too, then when they get married their husbands don't allow them to work. In my opinion it's absolutely trouble! Spending a lot of money, pass out time… all of these are wink.
Furthermore experience shows that every woman should has financial independence, because if in the feature she has problem with her husband that result in divorced she can secure herself. It has not any reason that women shouldn't work!

Sara (Female 22)

I think a woman must work. Women can show all of their ability when they work, but if stay at home the limit in cooking, washing, etc. Maybe there be women who do not work and are fain and successful, but were always they happy?
A woman is a social virtual like men and it's necessary that woman be in society. There are some jobs that women can do them better or women are more successful than men such as teacher, nurse. One of reason for women that they want to work is financial independence , it is very bad when a woman need to money or other things she should request of men then if men like are helping her if not ... she does not have any way for her problem. However women work and they receive salary and it help to family. Nowadays when men get married they promise to their wife that do not prevent about work and continue education at all , but after a short period they forget all promises and do not allow women work they afraid of women position in society because we can see women try to do all job without mistake because they do not want to be any excuse .But this depend to selves that want to work or not ( e.g. one of my friend believe it is not important that a woman can work after graduated .) it is good people continue education for knowledge but if can use their study at work and life it is better.


Anonymous Mohammadreza said...

Why do women work? There is only just one reason, not three!

1. It's obvious. Single women work cos they can find no one to support them financially. As soon as they find a fool man, (we call them, "SHOHAR"), they kiss their past goodbye. You never see a married women work unless her husband are weak financially and he can't make his wife's endless dreams come true. That's all.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Alireza said...

equality between men and women! yop, enshlah! I am looking for a wife who can support me and I stay home, or go ski classes( since lots of girls register for sport classes after they are married:))

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Andrew in Toronto said...

I was so impressed with your female students' ideas on women in the workplace. Women have just as much to contribute as men; their ideas and skills are essential for a healthy workplace environment. I am a man working in Canada, and some of my best colleagues are women.

It's true, a woman should be financially independent. That is a good thing. In this way, she can pursue her own interests.

I have a lot of respect for your students. They show a lot of strength and I am sure they will succeed in life. Please pass along that message to them.

10:14 PM  
Blogger jarvenpa said...

I too am impressed with your students' wisdom and sense. It is good to know that they have pride and ambition and an understanding and hope for equality. There are some in the United States that don't have this much sense.

3:52 PM  
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