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Friday, February 03, 2006

The Paranoid Teacher

You name it .all kinds of sexual connotations are used in some of my classes as the “need” arises and urges the teacher to do so as a classroom “technique” to cool things off. When something as simple as hitting a ball to the classroom window happens, the class tends to go nefarious on making norch_norch sounds all the way to get a laugh out of nothing while at the same time drive their teacher nuts.
The teacher was correctly diagnosed having a “moderate” paranoia according to
Here is a teacher who becomes hyperalert to the student’s moves; a teacher who can’t help but use some indirect sexual connotation(s) to pretend that he is neither angry nor minds an off color joke and yeah! He appreciates and enjoys it too; A teacher who is carefree about the verbal hygiene in his classroom.
Upon hearing norch norch sound once I said” Are you enjoying flossing the last pieces of meat (read something else) in your mouth?”

Did they stop laughing for moments? “Of course nope.”

They somehow liked the joke and the proof is that they were laughing wholeheartedly with their faces that had turned red; and the class went on more smoothly than before. My colleagues warn me not to go sexual in case like that.What the hell when it works.ha?

“Didn’t I change your seat to stop you chatting with your pals?”

“But,mista! It ain’t my fault! HE (his buddy) is the one who is letting me in chatting.”

“Do you always give green lights to others when you are asked to?”
“Did I mean anything gayish?”
I might so!

The class was bursting in laugh for moments…


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