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Friday, December 30, 2005

Know it all

Why do some people tend to act as “know it all?”
Today, first thing in the morning after reading about the news of sending and receiving emails (Yahoo mail) through one’s cellular phones, I let our administrator know about this and he is like:
You aren’t up-to-date man! It’s NOT something new. You should only pay 10$ to activate the service and all the bla bla bla!
Sometimes, he is a real pain in the you know where…


Blogger Dr O2 said...

yeah I also hate such people, is it due to their lack of self-confidence?? or what???

7:11 AM  
Blogger Kimia said...

Those people who doesn't know many facts can not lose the chance of claiming to know anything even small things, otherwise there would be nothing left for them to say. Well, don't feel pain feel sorry for them.

8:27 AM  

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