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Monday, December 12, 2005

To Sleep In The Classroom?!

I was called by the principal to go to his office. I already knew it’s another complaint toward me by the “nice” parents who think they have EVERY right to believe the bullshits the kids convey them.

The principal: Mr. Frankie? I want to ask you a question which I hope you don’t mind?

Me: Sure, Go ahead!

The principal: The other day one of the parents gave me a call to let me know that somehow…I don’t know how to put this! She was saying that you happen to SLEEP in the classroom! Is that true?

Me: Said who?! Whoever he/she was, he/she can go fuck himself/herself! I said it exasperatingly! Remember the last time you talked to me on being less “assertive” in the classroom because some students might go under stress and that might “damage” their left hemispheres therefore, it might impede their “learning” ability? Do you remember that I agreed without any justification of my actions? Now that parent has to face to face this with you and me and apologize if he/she can’t prove his claim! I really can’t imagine myself to sleep while teaching and working in the classroom!

Principal (a bit shocked after the “rude” comment) Yeah! He/she must apologize if they are wrong!

Me (inside speaking): Being assertive sometimes works if he is your principal too; let alone in other situations and with kids!

Teachers are scrutinized for almost every word, action, they say and do and even their way of dressing is being questioned sometime! Ahmadinejad’s government seems not to pay any attention to teachers just like the rest. Polluticians (pollution+ politicians) seem to be the same everywhere no matter where they are. There are no independent unions to support teacher’s rights in Iran. I had almost forgotten that I am a human first, then a teacher!

What am I talking about? ”Human rights”?! What a fucking funny word!


Blogger Kimia said...

Bravo to your answer to the principle :) I feel pity for the kid who has such stupid parents.
I wished I was able to be this much strong when someone is eating my rights; I guess I'm going to say something painful to my landlady after reading your post :)

12:31 PM  
Blogger Nazbaroon said...

via khoda, how could that kid such a thing?
such a reaction just make you dislike ur job as if anyone knows the value of ur work but dear it is almost always the same in everyfield, this is one of bounless advantages of living here. so be relax drink ur coffee and watch film with your beloved:)

2:00 PM  
Blogger Dr O2 said...

some claims are really funny. I had a student in my class who was a true meaning of book-wrom & all around the outmost positive factors had gathered in him. I never used to sit on the chair behind my desk. Always sat on the desk after a period of marching through the class trying to keep the enthusiasm working. The first time he came to my class and I normally sat on my desk he just went straight ahead to say that since you must act as an epitome to us & this & that it is not nice to sit on the desk!!! Of course in the end of that semister I managed to change his view on that aspect & he was brought out of the cave to C the light. Teachers are teachers and all they do is what is the right thing to do ;-)

4:04 AM  
Anonymous Mohammadreza said...

No words can adequately describe your last three words except excellent.

12:03 PM  
Blogger Cat said...

Hey Frank,
Some students can’t cope with the pressure of being a student. So, they end up going home, running to their parents who are siting there waiting with all their expectations, and telling them any kind of bullshit they could come up with just to justify their shortcomings in the classroom as a student. All of these nonsense just to satisfy their parents expectations.
What happened to you is a cliche. It happens to all the teachers around the world and usually come from those students who can’t make it out there…
Keep doing what you’re doing. Never mind the idiots. Either is the student or the principal.
And cheers :)

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a reminder, for the sake of correct spelling in the English language: "princiPAL" refers to the person who is the school administrator or head director of a business venture, while a "princiPLE" is a professed rule of conduct or fundamental law or guide.
The English language is very messy like that. There are several comedians' routines to which I can refer you on this very subject.
My Favorite: Emo Philips' referring to his nephew's birthday party, just after he instructs him to blow out the candles on his Birthday Coleslaw: "My nephew says 'I want to make a wish! I want to make a wish!' So I grab him by his ankles and start swinging him around and he's going, 'whish! whish! whish!' Oh, I knew what he really meant. But I thought: what an appropriate time to warn him about the Dangers of Homynyms."

-Troy Z

8:40 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

Be cautious as you may have to leave your place of living if you go too far if you get what I mean;)

I do sometimes dislike my job.Thanks for the advice .I need it;)

Dr O2:
I do sit on my desks most of the time.I would "kill" a student who dares to give such comments to his teacher; a bit tough? I don't think so;)


You have a point there about coping thing.
Next time that I met the principal I asked him if the nice parents came over to prove their claims and he said" The parents had gotten his kids word's wrongly!!

Troy Z:
Thanks for reminding me on the spelling part.I noticed the spelling mistake after reading your comment.
With this overloaded mind,I have to thank God that I can write, let alone having spelling mistakes;)
By the way, Isn't the right word Homonyms!?
You are right when you say"The English language is very messy like that;)"

8:47 AM  
Blogger Dr O2 said...

yep they are worth killing such students ;-) It might sound unfair but a teacher must be a good dictator ;-)

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct, Frank. It is spelled "Homonyms." I would like to point out that it is true my typing is so painfully slow that I often think about the letter which shall be a few placements down the line as I am registering what should be a letter properly allocated in the keystroke I am currently typing. However, you have no proof of this, so you are rightfully entitled to think of me as an idiot for broaching the subject of proper spelling and then proceeding to enact a spectacular blunder on that very issue.
I am genuinely embarrassed and I apologize to your readership. I thank you for also correcting me so that others may now know the proper spelling of the violated word.

-Troy Z

9:57 PM  

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