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Saturday, November 19, 2005

"Sex" and My Students’ Comments

Last week we had a discussion about “boyfriend and girlfriend” relationship in the class and I asked my students (grown ups) to comment on the subject and send me an email as one of their class activities. Here are some of them(I kept the originality)

I think although there is a lot of limitation for boyfriend and girlfriend relationships in our society but, there is no reason that boyfriend and girlfriend relationships with thinking to the concept of sex is strong .I think some people can have someone of the opposite sex as their friend without thinking of sex. Then after a while if they find each other suitable, they could start an engagement, and after that will be marriage.
Although static of divorce is up in our society but its main reason is poverty. However, the main reason of divorce in the west is disloyalty to husband or wife.
I think sexual drive is an important agent for beginning a relationship between two opposite sexes, and maybe it can be the base of a marriage. After marriage we must plan more accurate than before because responsibilities are increased and we have to resist and challenge against of problems. After marriage we seldom can spend time with our friends and parents and every thing is overshadowed by our family.

In my country (Iran) there is some limitation for the relationship between men and women that cause many problems and difficulties in society. One of those problems is about sex. For example when the government pressure is on the people (boy and girl) they make boy and girl to do something wrong and make them to have mistake in their life. [relationships end up in sexual intercourse] to have sex with the opposite of your sex is the usual thing that cause most couples and some people who got married to have children but on the other way for many young people and teenager this subject is not true because there will be sexual diseases. this subject is made by the government pressure and I think every thing that happen in your life is coming back and reacting by your government and I think there is no reason to make people not to do something, because people have brain and they are able to think about something that is around of their life and be curious about something that they can’t do them but, on the other hand in the west there is no limitation for doing something that you want some like having sex with the opposite of your sex and made people to think about some other thing that is useful for their society than the other things and it makes the society be healthy and full of science.

In Iran because of strong limitation in men and women relationship the most of friend ship between girls and boys happened in order to sex and more them fifty present of marriages happen with the some goal too. So the main aim of marriage has been lost. (but) in the west they have a phenomenon of cohabitation [the practice of a man living with a woman without getting married] that most of people in these societies accept that and I believe that it causes people not to feel any lack of sex so, when they decide to marry someone they think correctly about the main goal of marriage and it makes the concept of marriage stronger.

Dear Frankie:

I want to thank you about this term. I get more benefit information from you.
You said wrote an article about everything .you know I still want to know why most Iranian's boys want to have sex with their girlfriend after first or second time that they met each other. I think one of the reasons can be that in Iran we haven't reasonable freedom or Iranian's boy has more lust! And or Iranian's girl are extra attractive I will appreciated if you have any idea about this. Thank you again about every thing.
By the way you know when I could write this email. Guess come on. Okay I say. 2 hours before 90 th minute (just for kidding).

Bye with best wishes


Anonymous Farzad said...

Hey Frank,
This is a very serious psychological subject you guys have been debating in your classroom.
Obviously, the opinions vary, but it's good that you get your students to write.
Good luck & cheers :)

11:35 AM  
Blogger Dr O2 said...

the amount of love affairs is increasing by the second & with more pressure we are to C, the worst it will become. The fact that it is not public does not hide the fact that it is running underneath... We are inevitably falling into west.

12:34 PM  
Blogger Kimia said...

I believe that this is not just about Iranian boys. Everywhere is the same. Once she accepted to go on a date it means we are officialy couple, and we probably are going to have sex as soon as possible. The difference is outside of Iran people are free to find a partner that's why they don't look at every girl around them sexualy. However I guess they do think but they don't act ;)

3:19 PM  
Blogger Aydin said...

I read most of your blog entries. You've got a great blog, congrats. Also, it is interesting to hear that you encourage students to think independently and have meaningful discussions. I remember during my high school years, learning was very passive, and we rarely had any discussions in class.

7:37 PM  

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