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Saturday, October 22, 2005


The 1st Story:

The subject of immigration was brought up in the teacher’s lounge in the private school I teach.
A group of teachers are leaning on the chairs to relax and get some rest from the tension and hee ha hoo of the classroom to recharge their batteries for another ”battle”.
A: Who doesn’t have a satellite dish nowadays? Just look around yourself and the roofs and you will find out how many people have access to the satellite...
B: When I leave home, I lock the satellite channels not to allow my family to have access to porno programs …
C: Iranian TV sucks! ….
D: Hey, It’s not that bad, c’mon!
E: If only I could immigrate... Right there, one of the teachers who had paid a visit to Germany last summer for a couple of months started like this:
The law, discipline, a standard human life is all right there but only for the Germans and not for the foreigners. No matter what you do in a foreign country, you will never ever be considered a first class citizen, although you have your PRC (permanent residency card) the people will always look at you as a foreigner. I wish to work in my own country and have an Iranian boss than work in a foreign country and be humiliated by a foreigner.
A lot of Germans are racists and ….
I said “As there are some who consider Afghanis second class people in here, there DO exist people who consider the people of other nationalities as second class citizen and sometimes even worse.

The 2nd Story

Location (private institute)
I was called on by one of my students when I was taking my break. He is about my age and with whom I had a class last term. When I went to him, we shook hand and he touched my left arm gently, in a friendly way and started by saying hello and the usual tarrofat. When I asked him about his immigration procees, he said that he was there to say goodbye to me and this was the last time we could see each other and I could see his teary eyes while he was talking to me. You know the eyes speak to you all the time they were saying things like” I got to go, I want to stay here but the future is dark for me here, I want to see the world with a different glass. He said to me to keep in touch with him and left me.
Hadise safar ham hadise Gharibist.I think they are lots of Iranians who want to stay in their country to serve Iranians but for some reason or another they prefer to immigrate and Farshid is one of them.
Farshid Jann, I just keep my fingers crossed for you.


Blogger Masoud said...

I was abroad some times feeling being as second class citizen is boring but some times may I say most of the times feeling that how much cost law was exciting also looking differnt people and worlds...
More important is that a lot of Iranian in Iran feel the same as second citizens just open your eyes and look the stupid peple who bore anothers by terrible Joks as Rashti, Turk and...
It is out of bear 4 me also.
my weblog:

2:48 AM  
Anonymous Farzad said...

Hi Frank :)
Germans are a bit touchy when it comes to immigrants. I guess like everybody else more or less. Here in Canada, many people feel the same way about immigrants. Sad but it's true!
If Iran was a bit more civilized, I'm sure many Iranians would stay and think of a foreign land as a vacation destination. I don't blame those who feel like leaving the country all together.

3:47 AM  
Anonymous me said...

The thing about immigrants is that after a while they don't feel at home anywhere. Not in their "adoptive" country, nor in their country of origin. It's just the way it is. . .But then U loose some, U gain some, right!?
If there were not more advantages tan disadvantages, then people wouldn't move from a place to another.

6:26 AM  
Anonymous Farzad said...

Nasy :)
I agree with you darling. I never thought about that way. But now, after reading your comment, the whole thing make more sense to me.
Well said... Win some, loose some...

9:30 AM  
Blogger arash said...





12:38 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

If you want to be hypercritical to those jokes, you gotta fight every day of your life with people aroud you so,people dont change but,WE can.CANT WE?

Hi Farzad :
I think me is completely right about winning and losing thing but, I think if Iran were more civilized,you would like to visit Iran as a tourist not for your permanent residency ,would you?

You are right:)


If only I could help you,but I dont know much about it,you go to this weblog and ask Farzad who lives in Canada.I am sure he can help you.

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Farzad said...

Hi Frank :)

I left Iran when I was 18 and now, I'm 40. So I guess I'm more Canadian than Iranian at this point of my life. Plus, I don't have anybody left in Iran so U R right; I'd be visiting Iran as a tourist.
However, there are many Iranians living abroad and would go back to Iran permanently if there were more freedom of choice was available to them.

Cheers :)

12:28 PM  

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