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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Natural Selection

The students are taking a quiz with almost everything around them in a three story building which has all the necessities a school needs to have: clean chairs, enough light with soundproof windows. You can see their cute faces with nice clean jacket and shirts on and even some of them are wearing nice T-shirts which are usually forbidden in the public schools but you know, here is a private school and based on Darwin’s theory, THEY have the right to survive and be the next powerful generation. So don’t fret about it. You can just feel how relaxed most of them are while taking their exam and of course there is nothing wrong with that .Why should they ever worry? Their FATHER is rolling in money, you know! And they are studying in a PRIVATE school. They are almost sure that they will all pass their exams easily so, most of them are taking their exam lightheartedly and none tries to cheat but one. They all have their correction pen near them. I pick up one of them and look at it closely” Shake it gently and squeeze barrel to adjust flow of the fluid.” They are already there close to their destination so, why cheating? The teachers here know that in order to keep their job in those Gheire Entefai schools (private school) they have to be “benevolent” to their students in the entire exam they take because they know that the last teacher who had tried to be exact with the student’s grades didn’t show up in the following year.

the poor:
The first thing that catch your attention is the wastepaper basket on the corner of the cramped class filled with pieces of paper, half eaten apples and all that stuffs. The students who are playing in the yard make so much noise that teaching becomes so dull; I can’t even hear myself. The students who are taking the exam have rough faces full of anxiety with untidy shirt and pants on but, none of them are wearing T-shirt. I had almost forgotten the rule myself that says: “You aren’t allowed to wear T-shirt in public schools.”
One of them uses a broken eraser that he borrows from his friend. The eraser is torn apart because it just wasn’t made of good stuff. If I ever turn my head around, they try to cheat and I don’t blame them either. They are fighting in order to survive too. It’s Natural Selection you know!


Anonymous Farzad said...

Hi Frank -

Yes my friend, rich people always have the upper hand in this life than others who are not.
There is a quote that it says:
"The world tolerates conceit from those who are successful, but not from anybody else."
I forgot who said it, but well said. It's very true.
Nice post as always...
Cheers :)

9:46 AM  
Anonymous me said...

it was such a disillusioned but truthful description. . .I remember 15-16 yrs ago when the first private schools open, they were very selective, specially of the GPA gardes of the incomign students and they would take only the cream de la creme. Now it's justa mmatter of how much money U are ready to give to have ur kid have a good grade. Afterall they don't have to worry about learning so they can enter university either: they have just to pay enought o eneter one of those private universities. . .

8:09 AM  
Blogger Mohammad Barkeshli said...

true indeed.
ur post does as well explain the roots of crime in the improvished levels of society. the rich dont need to cheat.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Scriptor said...

Hello there again!

I don't know if I've told you this before, but my first 4 years were spent in the country of Bangladesh. The school I went to there was a private school, because my parents had the wisdom to study medicine and become doctors.

On the other hand, when we moved to Belgium, the school was a small one, that didn't have much money because it didn't need it. It is a good example of how simply having small classes (about 25-30) works quite well.

Now in the U.S. our school is enormousy rich, but only because we live near a huge corporation that continually donates money, and because it charges above average lunch prices. I don't believe in the "settle with what you have" philosophy, some people will say that I should be grateful for such a wealthy school. I respond by pointing to how we lost the award for best schools, gave a student 3-day suspension for throwing away a plate, even after he took it out and apologized, and how the school spends huge amounts of energy just on Internet monitoring.

Sorry for that rant there, always get carried away on that topic. Basically, beware of rich schools run by a few people.

Also, still interested in the link exchange? I've got a new blog, and will update my link to yours' soon.

All the best

7:08 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

Hi Farzad:
I hear you my man.When you see someone who is
"somebody" and that person acts snobbishly you would accept it more than the time the same person is NOT "anybody"

Hi me:
If we are to continue like this,only God knows how illiterate the next generation might turn into.

Hi Mohammad :
Yes,you have a point there and also I think if the same poor people were a bit more better off,we wouldnt witness much crime and social abnormalities either.If you read this post symblolically, you can also think of the RICh as the "first" world countries where the poor are the "third"world ones.

Hi Scriptor:
Long time,no see man.
I gotta make my eand meet so there is no other way out but to teach in private schools as well.I have also added your link to mine.
Cogratulations on your new website.

10:37 AM  
Blogger Dr O2 said...

U know it can be Frank's natural selection theory this one :-) if Darwin could have put it so well he had been way more famous :-)

Unfortunately that is the way it is in 3rd world countries. The poor are born to suffer while the rich are born to enjoy...

2:51 AM  

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