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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Charshanbe Souri

Charshanbe Souri is around the corner, happy ha? I want to be but I can’t. It seems this nice tradition is distorted because of the lack of cheerfulness.

I was going through the process of teaching the new lesson when I noticed that two of the students entered the class depressed.

“We had to write a “promissory note” to the principal not to bring any sort of firecrackers inside school.”

“All right, go sit down.”

I started once again when I noticed Ali counting some money.

“What on earth are you doing boy?” I called upon him.
He started to shuffle the money in his pocket when he noticed me.

“What money is that?”


“C’mon, how much is it?”

“About 30$.I got all this by selling firecrackers to other students at school.”

While the students’ attention must be directed to studying and so called education, it seems they think about everything BUT education. I know, I know, I know it’s not difficult to point the finger to the wrongdoers;

A nation can’t be a powerful one unless it tries damn hard to be powerful in all walks of life.

A “good” student can’t be a good one unless he/she tries hard to be a good one in all subjects.


Blogger Dr O2 said...

Ah well said Frank. In medicine we say that a child who always takes orders & obeys all of them is a mental retard ;-)

The tradition has been so quiet this year?? no early start!? Not that i am unhappy about it anyways ;-)

12:29 AM  

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