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Thursday, July 06, 2006


The Lord is my real boss, and I shall not want.
He sometimes gives me “peace”, when chaos is all around me.
He gently reminds me to pray and do all things without murmuring and complaining but, I normally don’t listen to Him.
He reminds me that he is my source and not my job. I wish He could prove it in one way or another.
He restores my sanity everyday and it manifest itself the other day by” Life is one damn thing after another.”
Even though I face absurd amounts of e-mails, systemcrashes, unrealistic deadlines, heavy traffic, and a discriminating principal every morning, I still will not stop---for I still think somebody up there “likes” me!
He raises me up invisibly, even when they fail to praise me.When it's all said and done, I'll be working for Him a whole lotLonger and for that, I BLESS HIS NAME!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I know that feeling ALL to well.

I'm writing from Scotland. I would really like to come and travel Iran and see your beautiful country myself. As a 'westerner', travelling on his own I'm trying to gauge how safe I'd feel - as ever, there's some bullshit media on the subject. What would your advice be ?


Hope you get a break from the e-mails !!


11:55 AM  
Blogger Frank said...


Iran is no dangerous place.I have seen tourists from different countries(Holland,USA,...) in beautiful cities like Shiraz and Isfahan.

Remember:You only live once;)

12:40 PM  

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